"I am the nights you can’t fall asleep because of the thoughts in your head.
I’ll surround you with my crushing infinity and fill you with my darkness.
When your anxiety is so bad that you still haven’t shut your eyes at 4:12 AM;
That’s what I’ll do to you.

My fingerprints are made of gunpowder.
In spending time with me, you have unknowingly buried yourself in it.
I’m scared that one day these same hands
That you think are so small
Will accidentally set you on fire.

You see, I burn people with my intensity.
If I love you, I’ll put you through hell and worse.
I’ll disappoint you, make you crash to your knees
With the burden of my thoughts.
I know that one day you’ll burn
In the fires of this same mind that, today, you think is worth knowing.

When tomorrow comes, I’m afraid I’ll lose you completely.
I’ll lose you the way people drink tea:
Cautiously at first, afraid of burning their tongues,
Then faster, more comfortably, the warmth so soothing that
Before they know it,
It’s all gone.
Already you are growing tired of me.
Already, I’ve stopped being so cautious.

When there’s nothing left of you
But the dregs at the bottom of the cup,
I hope that you remember this:
I’m sorry to have lost you,
I’m sorry you were right when you said you’d never be able to show me how you see me,
I’m sorry I destroyed you.
But you’ll always be the best thing that ever scorched the roof of my mouth."

—[x] pr0tegototalum

"Sometimes I confuse my heart beat
With the drum beat of my favourite song.
And that’s when I remember why I love
Music with every fibre of my being.
The lyrics give my thoughts a voice
I myself wouldn’t dare provide.
The guitars are my skin shivering
In the biting winter wind.
The striking of ivory piano keys are
The stones that break my ivory bones.
The swelling of violins is the tearing wind
Making my hair fly in its aftermath.
The flutes whistling their melodies
Are the chills in my fragile spine.
The bass is the pounding pressure
Behind the rushing blood in my veins.
The drums are the rhythm to which
My heart relentlessly beats.
And music is my soul,
The very cadence of my life."

—[x] pr0tegototalum

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