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Coloring Book Corruptions

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one ot3 to rule them all, yo.
I had a ridiculous amount of fun painting this and I’m so happy with it c:
best viewed in full, or whatever.


The Naked City, Jeremy Mann

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This is the most accurate picture I’ve ever seen.

my fucking life

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 faig ahmeds Embroidered Art 

When you think of traditional carpets from Azerbaijan, the thought of contemporary art does not quickly spring to mind… but these beautiful, and modern works will change that. Faiq Ahmed, a native of the Eurasian nation, has taken his countries old-school art form and brought it beautifully into the current era, deconstructing the ancient process of weaving and adapting it to todays contemporary art forms.


Justin Barton

Victoria Siemer also know as Witchoria, is a avant-garde designer hailing from Brooklyn, New York.  Combining portraits or landcapes with geometric shapes, she creates a new kind of pictorial space. 

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The beautiful and disturbing porcelain sculptures of Kate MacDowell 

Daphne, 53”x17”x40”, hand built porcelain, 12/2007

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the diversity of colours is amazing oh my

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Meghan Howland. Folly, 2013.

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